Friday, September 03, 2004

Durga Puja is celebrated acroos India

In Mysore, Dussehra is easily the most popular festival. It is celebrated on a grandiose scale here. Elephants are decked up with robes and jewellery and taken in processions through the streets of the city. In fact, many people visit Mysore from all over the country to watch this colorful event. The palaces are also illuminated.

Women in Gujarat perform the Garba dance during the evenings and nights during the Navaratri (nine nights). This dance takes place round an earthen lamp, while they sing odes to gods to while clapping their hands. 'Dandiya-Raas' is another dance played with 'dandiyas' (wooden sticks) in which males also take part in larger cities of Gujarat. In fact, Dandiya dances have become popular for fixing marriage alliances, as this is one of the few times when males and females of the community mix so freely.

In the Kulu valley of Himachal Pradesh, the inhabitants of the hill areas celebrate with a grand ceremony. Folk gods and goddesses are taken out in processions

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